Sunday, April 1, 2012

Give a hand for Davey Horne!

While wasting many hours on Facebook one day I noticed that a few people I know (and people who's music taste/judgement I wholly trust) had posted links and wrote statuses and the same name that kept cropping up was 'Davey Horne'.

I often give such things a listen or read. I trusted that this guy would be pretty decent if such people were ranting and raving about how good he was. However, nothing could prepare me for how blown away I was when I clicked on this very video.

Being a terrible singer myself I utterly adore when I discover a voice with such charm and soul, and an artist with such talent. True, the video is understated, and Davey hardly grabs the eye as an 'out-there' or eccentric performer begging for the audience attention. Rather, it is the subtlety that makes this song and the artist himself all the more sweet. I honestly haven't been this impressed by a singer/songwriter since the early days of a young Paolo Nutini releasing his very first album.

What might surprise you is that Davey has not been snapped up by a record company yet. In a way this is a blessing because there's something special about unsigned acts, who are wonderfully talented and brilliant yet have no one to answer to, they remain sort of exciting, fresh and new!

As I am writing this entry I'm listening to this very song and getting distracted by how soothing, relaxing and mesmerising it is...

Back on track! Personally, my favourite fact I found out about Davey is...He is from Falkirk! If you have read my previous blog posts you will know by now that Falkirk is my home town and I feel very strongly towards bands and artists who grace from there. It really does make me feel proud that such a voice has ties back to the town.

In a very short  space of time he has successfully broken into the Glasgow Music Scene and has totally blown everyone away. He has played a sold out gig in King Tut's which you must agree is pretty impressive, but not surprising!

Some exciting news is that his debut EP is released THIS MONTH. (April) So make sure to give it a listen and prepare to be swept off your feet!

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