Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have to admit, as much as I adore live music, having a drink and being with my friends I have never ever been to a festival.

I know...

The idea has always made me excited, but then I remember the camping and the mud and rain. Not to mention my love of small intimate gigs, which a big festival just can't recreate. Watching my favourite bands so far away from the stage simply isn't my cup of tea.


I recently discovered a festival that I am really excited to go to. It is called STEREOFUNK and it is the exactly the festival I have been looking for!

What is great about Stereofunk is that it is fairly small and not all that well known. Which solves the problem of feeling detached from the bands performance. It is largely unsigned bands who take part, which is so appealing to me as I love to discover unsigned acts.

Unfortunately, I can't give you much info on the festival as the official 2012 website hasn't even been released! What I can tell you is that it is on the 6th of May, 12PM - 10.30PM. Tickets are £25 and is held in Strathclyde Country Park. 



Here is the line up!

Maybe I will see you there! ;)

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  1. Caitlin - are you still running this blog? I know Hotel India would be up for interview - just give them a bell on Facebook!