Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big fame for John Wean!

A few weeks ago I decided to leave the city of Glasgow to go back to my home town of Falkirk so that I could meet up with the guys from Embassy for their interview (which you can check out 
here). I decided to stick around for their gig and I'm really glad I did because I discovered this fantastic Glasgow called John Wean, who Embassy were supporting. 

The band are a four piece made up of Conor Cartwright with vocals and rhythm guitar, Stuart Anderson on lead guitar, Jude Smith with vocals and bass and Simon Coakly on drums. The band formed in 2009 where they wrote some of their very early work and were slowly finding their feet. However, they had a bit of a rocky start and needed a little guidance. Once they got back on track the guys have been working on maturing and really putting an incredible amount of hard work into their music as well as bonding with their fans. 

Since then, John Wean have broke onto the Glasgow Music Scene with their appearances in King Tut's which has resulted in lots of new fans and plenty of respect and credit as musicians. They have recently been travelling the UK and their music has even reached the London scene.

The band have a really catchy sound which completely gets in your head and before long you will find yourself jumping around and singing along. Their Indie Pop/Rock style is truly infectious. During the 20 Rocks gig in Falkirk there was an intense energy and sense of fun they created. It was easy to tell they were really enjoying themselves. I find this makes live gigs all the more enjoyable knowing that the band are enjoying it just as much as I am.

The music is lighthearted and easy to listen to which will stick in your heart as well as your head. The songs about "love, life and...girls" offer something everyone can relate to, I dare you to give them a listen or go to a gig and not enjoy every minute! 

Make sure to check out their Facebook page for more news from the band:


The Official website (which is really worth giving a look) :

The guys will be playing the Stereofunk Festival 2012 which is not to be missed out on! More info on my blog post of the event here.

I always like to give you guys a little something to listen to/watch to give a taste of the band, so as always, here you go! :)


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