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An Interview with...Embassy (Part 2)

This is the second part of my interview with Embassy! To read part 1 first either just scroll down if you are on the main blog page, or click here :) 

There are a lot of great bands that have came from Falkirk, what makes you stand out from the rest? 

Aidan: There is no bullshit with Embassy. We have heard horror stories of bands who's guitar wasn't in tune and he like, started crying and shit!

James: If something goes wrong then we'll take the call for it, we won't say 'it was the sound guys fault' or some other persons fault. If someone criticises something about our live act or something in the recordings we won't be divas and totally freak out: we'll take it on board and see what we can do and there is no pretence of 'oh we're in a band, get away from us' which isn't so prevalent in Falkirk, but in Glasgow...

Do you believe you have an individual sound that makes you stand out? 

Aidan: It's difficult to define the sound of the band.

James: You can hear individual influences coming together in places, but with us folk have asked "what do you think you sound like?" and we can hear different bits - this part sounds like this band but there's not a whole band that sound exactly the same. It's a cool sort of amalgamation of all those different styles I guess.

What is your method for making music and song writing? 

James: Well we all write individually...I'm shite for it!  I'll not write anything for ages and I'll sit down and just...something will happen. I might think 'that sounds kind of cool' and I will get clicked into the method of doing it and I'll just sit for an hour and then it's written by the end. If I try sit down with the intention to write I just can't! It's like when you sit down to do an essay and you're thinking 'right I am going to write this' your brain just blanks whereas if you think 'I'll just write a page' or something the next thing you know you've wrote 8 pages.

Aidan: Different songs are different processes, like with 'Pretty Little Liar' I worked on the versus for a couple of months - it took me ages to get them - but then I basically just jammed out the chorus. But yeah, write about what you know! I tend to take the Morrissey approach to writing where every line has got a meaning to me. I like to make it vague enough that people can relate to it, but if you asked me about a line I could tell you what it means.
What I like is that we are all open to suggestions.

James: It's like that for all the songs, there is someone who wrote it and there is the base song but I could point out chucks of it that were written by someone else who added in something extra.

The boys in the studio 

What do you enjoy most about being in a band?

Aidan: There is not a  better feeling seeing a crowd jump or clap to your song. Those were just words that you wrote in your bedroom and you see someone singing them!

James: With 'Pretty Little Liar' we have had a lot of folk in our last couple of gigs singing it back to us. Something we may have made up on the spot is then being sung back to us.

What are your opinions of  the 'Glasgow Music Scene' ?
 I think its really good but you need to go to the right places depending on what you want to hear. I mean, I'm not really into metal or anything like that, but there are places you can go to hear that. I know 'Sleazy's' plays more my kind of style. I think Glasgow is good because it has a mix of everything, you know you could go to Google and search for 'jazz bar' and you'll find more than just one.
Aidan: We played The Barrowlands back in January and the bands we played with there were really good. Hotel India are really good, The Directors are great, and A Bit Too Clever you really need to check them out!

Here is a promo video of Embassy's song 'Pretty Little Liar' make sure you give it watch/listen!  you are interested in the band why not check out there official Facebook and give it a like! http://www.facebook.com/EmbassyFalkirk

Embassy are having an official demo launch night on Friday, 13th April at City Falkirk! Make sure you attend to see some fantastic bands and truly great music! More info can be found on the Facebook event page! http://www.facebook.com/events/145176618942316

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