Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gig Review! (No Need For Idols, King Tut's)

Their first gig at King Tuts was a huge accomplishment for the band and they certainly didn't let the opportunity to go waste. There was so much about the performance which was absolutely key to why they make such a great band.

Firstly, the original music. They played 'What's Become Of Me?', 'Takin' Over', 'Truth', 'The Other One', 'For All I've Done', and their classics 'Here We Go' and 'Walk Away'. To finish off the show they played a belter of a cover of Slither by Velvet Revolver and ended the show on an absolute high. For anyone who has been to the gigs before you'll know 'Here We Go' and 'Walk Away' are up beat songs perfect to dance and sing along to (I say sing, really you are shouting) and it was great to hear new songs which kept it feeling fresh and a little different from past performances.

Secondly, the sound. The band sounds superb live. There are so many bands that are simply better as recording artists, and just don't have it together when it comes to live performances. However, the vocals and the instrumentals remained strong and consistant throughout every song and this band impress both live and on their EP.

Thirdly, stage presence. There is individuality in each band members stage presence which works wonderfully. Oliver is always moving around stage and is anything but static! He really knows how to get the audience going and jumping around, this fits their style of rock music perfectly. Callum is equally as impressive as you can really tell that he is enjoying himself on stage as he plays, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. As for Conor and Ben they take a slightly more chilled out approach and keep their cool as they play, which creates a brilliant contrast on stage and they stand with such posture that they command your attention as much as they other members. Also I should note that Ben's ability to play guitar behind his head during one of the songs really was the icing on the cake. I feel that unfortunately sometimes drummers in bands are over looked when performing on stage. However, how could you possibly miss Adam! I am surprised he didn't totally destroy the drum kit, there was some serious thrashing which looked and sounded amazing (despite some questionable facial expressions). Everyone's performance complimented each other down to every last detail.

It is impossible to go to a No Need For Idols gig and stand still. You will be jumping, foot tapping, head nodding perhaps without even realising! You can't escape the energy and it spreads throughout every audience member.

I really admire all the enthusiasm the guys put into their performance, they really do give it absolutely 110 per cent! They have such a great sound and a real raw talent that you simply cannot deny.

But hey, that is just my opinion, why don't you go along to the next up coming gig and see for yourself what you think.

(One last thing, boys, never cut your hair!)

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